Field Work Friday

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Field Work Friday’. It’s a blog segment I hope will last longer than just this one.

Each week my plan is to either post about or conduct a simple but interesting experiment that can give us a little more information about the world and those that inhabit it. Sound fun? Or insufferably boring? Only time can tell!

And no fair cheating, time travelers.

So because this is the first I’m going to immediately chicken out by asking you, dear reader, to give me some ideas. What experiments have you always wanted to conduct? What studies have you wanted to run to attempt to prove or disprove the assumptions we all make?

I will perform the best answers here on this very blog! So get to it, fellow non-scientists.

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1 Response to Field Work Friday

  1. thumpme says:

    Social experiments or hard science only?

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