My name says quite a bit. I am not a scientist. But science is one of my passions. Few things are as important as understanding the world we live in, and scientific investigation is the best way we know of to do that. So if I can help promote science, scientists and technological advancement in even the smallest way, this blog will be worth it.


3 Responses to About

  1. Lyn May says:

    No apologies needed for the comments on Rants. It was comedic gold. Made me smile. So thank you, actually. lol

    Interested in Writing content for my blog. I’m always looking for a few “A-Holes.” lol

    Essentially, I’m trying to build a community of diverse group of writers to generate content from religion, politics, race, sex, etc. No subject is taboo. Actually, that’s the point.

    So what do you? Wanna give it a shot? You can literally write about whatever you feel “Rant”-worthy.

    Secondly, I need help. My worldview is atheist; and my political alignment is centrism. Most of my writers are conservative Christians.

  2. Lyn May says:

    Send me your the email address you use for your WordPress account and I’ll plug you right in. My email is lyn@lynmaystudios.com

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