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You just can’t keep water bears down…

The tardigrade, better known as a ‘water bear’, has become my new favorite animal. Why, you may ask? What makes them so special? How are they better than my favorite animal? Simple. Your favorite can’t survive in the vacuum of … Continue reading

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Field Work Friday

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to ‘Field Work Friday’. It’s a blog segment I hope will last longer than just this one. Each week my plan is to either post about or conduct a simple but interesting experiment that … Continue reading

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Stuffed animals have skeletons, don’t they?

Perhaps you heard about the woman who tried to smuggle a tiger cub through an airport this weekend. If nothing else, the story illustrates how ignorance of relatively simple scientific concepts can lead to failure. Authorities at Bangkok’s international airport … Continue reading

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Science: It May Save Your Life

It saved mine only a year ago. But the story goes back a bit farther than that. It was September of 2007 and I was experiencing some discomfort. I’d been helping a friend, a really incredible local theater director, put … Continue reading

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